Photo 5 Jul 59 notes alphamecha:

Schattengalaxis III cover by Kwibl
via No Future.
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Enchantress by Mancomb-Seepwood
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Photo 5 Jul 888 notes rebel6:

by Odobenus
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Multicolor Illustrations by kaiser-mony

Photo 5 Jul 426 notes fdasuarez:

Descends from the sky
Photo 5 Jul 15 notes infinitemachine:

Character of the Day: Panna Kazimiera Jerzywoska of Krolestwo Polonie by Gambargin
Photo 5 Jul 115 notes quarkmaster:

Sarkhan Volby daarken
Photo 5 Jul 275 notes fuckyeahcyber-punk:

Tron Evolution: Radia by andrewdoma
Photo 5 Jul 73 notes infinitemachine:

If these monuments could talk by thomaswievegg
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Suicidal Scream of the Whales by M3-f
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